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Dear Readers of my Blog,
At age 80 now, I have decided to make a hiatus of making blog entries.
Why?  You will be surprised to hear that I am actually tired of my own ideas!!!!  I want to try to spend more time in contemplative prayer and less on finding “perfect” words to express my thoughts.
Maybe, you will feel sad and think you are losing me.  If so, here are some remedies:
-        Write me e-mails at chervinronda@gmail.com.  I have plenty of time to answer individual e-mails – but none of those things you forward to many addresses.
-        Listen to WCATradio programs I am on.  One is RondaView every Sunday at 5 PM EST.  Go to WCATradio.com and click on programs to find them. I am also on an interesting panel called Open Door on Fridays at 11 AM EST.
-        Read newer titles of books I’ve written that can be found on this web – goodbooksmedia.  9 Toes will become a book you can buy from goodbooks media in the next few months – cheap on kindle or nook.  Or, I have lots of titles you may not have read yet on enroutebooksandmedia.com.
God bless you, dear readers. Of course, I may wake up one day soon and think “I need to revive my blog again.”  In case this happens, check goodbooksmedia blogs RondaView to see.
<![CDATA[While Recovering from the Storm]]>Mon, 11 Sep 2017 20:01:54 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/while-recovering-from-the-storm
September 8, 2017
I am reading a delightful book.  It is called Winter Wheat: God Is Simple by Armond Nirdlinger.  This writer was an atheist scientist.  He became a Catholic at 66 partly based on all  kind of scientific facts that seemed to him to prove the absolute necessity of an intelligent Creator God…but also little published research into matters such as the finding of chariots deeply buried in the Reed (Red) Sea.  
Here are some quotations from Winter Wheat to interest you in getting hold of this book – perhaps to give to atheists or agnostics or lapsed Catholics.
About hidden doubts even of believers, he writes:
​“I read “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them” …subliminally, the skeptical voice would prevent the verse from bringing inspiration, joy and peace to my heart. I would be recalling examples (real or not where the promise had not come through…In Nazi Germany, if Adolf was delivering one of his speeches and you didn’t give an enthusiastic ‘Heil’ at the appropriate time, the Gestapo would haul you off to the firing squad. …However, I am the Fuhrer of my mind and soul.  If I detect grumbling, sarcasm and skepticism going on, as soon as I become aware of it I am going to drag the culprit front and center and if there is no excuse for my behavior, annihilation!...This purification process will help to enliven the Gospel for us.”

And this:
​"I am like a well-loved pet dog - I know my master (Jesus) loves me and so I am content, but it's like I'm lying outside the closed door to the kitchen and I can smell the most delicious smells coming out. I would love to have some of what is being cooked, but it's not meant for dogs. Occasionally I get to lick the plates."

My next blog will continue Jim Ridley’s illustrations of my 9 Toes in Eternity collection.
<![CDATA[Midst the harrowing horrors of Hurricane Harvey...]]>Wed, 30 Aug 2017 01:35:34 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/midst-the-harrowing-horrors-of-hurricane-harvey
From the prophet Zephaniah:
A shout will be raised from the Fish Gate,
from the town, howls...
a day of distress and agony,
a day of ruin and devastation,
a day of darkness and gloom,
a day of cloud and blackness...

From Psalm 17:
The waves of death flooded round me,
the torrents of Belial tossed me about,
the cords of the underworld wound round me,
death’s traps opened before me.
In my distress I called on the Lord,
I cried out to my God:
from his temple he heard my voice,
my cry to him came to his ears.
The depths of the oceans were laid bare,
the foundations of the globe were revealed,
at the sound of your anger, O Lord,
 at the onset of the gale of your wrath.
He reached from on high and took me up,
 he lifted me from the many waters.

Assúmpsit me de aquis multis.
But the ghost of the storm still haunts;
so Ronda'll be blogged down for the nonce.

<![CDATA[9 Toes: Full Fathom 5]]>Wed, 09 Aug 2017 16:23:13 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/9-toes-full-fathom-5
Wondering what heaven will be like; think of the most joyful moment of your life on earth and multiple by a million.

​Don’t let negatives states of mind become like quicksand; instead immediate pray “Deliver me from the bad spirit of _____________(anxiety, anger, whichever) I lay it at Your feet, dear Jesus, take it away.

​Into your Heart,  Jesus, I surrender my future.
<![CDATA[Absent no more]]>Tue, 08 Aug 2017 18:46:25 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/absent-no-more
I was away for a week visiting my daughter, Carla, in North Carolina, where she is going into hospice home care for what seems like terminal cancer.
We are all struggling with so many conflicting feelings.  She finds it unbearably hard to think of leaving all those she loves so much.
Here are words she has sent me since my return to Corpus Christi:

We don’t know that today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
There are too many
permutations available.
Nor is NOW everything,
as previously thought.
No, today the questions seems
​and within that
​all the answers.
This image came to me in the night. 
I thought it could be universalized as an image others could focus on
in similar situations: 
you are taking us
with you,
in your heart,
into the heart of Jesus,
where we will one day
Together Forever.

I am considering compiling a collection of such word-pictures
as the TOGETHER FOREVER verse above.
​Here is my plan:
​Contemporary Catholics

Ronda Chervin

I love it when a speaker or writer comes up with an image the perfectly expresses
​an idea or an experience.

Scripture is full of such images from being “raised up on eagle’s wings” to “the pearl of great price.” So are the writings of the saints.  But you readers are all familiar with these.  How about fresh images from contemporaries of lesser fame?

Images of Grace is a compilation of such word-pictures from
​the talks and writings of such 21
st Century Catholics,
illustrated by one of my favorite graphic artists, James Ridley, of goodbooksmedia.  

An example would be the 'Together Forever' image above.

If you have any you like e-mail them to me at 

<![CDATA[9 Toes Step 4th]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 19:02:37 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/9-toes-step-4th
Mother Mary, when my heart beats too loud, fold me in your cloak and hide me from the world.

I run my heart over the ridged braille of reality until I see Your face, my God.

I cross the rapids of resentment on the sturdy boat of forgiveness.

Floating out to sea on a raft of Your love – what is Your will, my Lord – that I come further, further out or that I swim against the tide, back to shore?

God peeping through the lattices of my day whispers in my ear, "What, did you think I couldn’t find you unless you were out looking for Me?"

There is an ontological abyss between me and my cat, but I can still love him and forgive him if he scratches me; so can God love us and forgive us.

If they showed a movie of your life in heaven, what would be the greatest graces?

The absence of annoyance is not joy, you will realize when you lose family members to moving away from your location or the earth.

I lay me down in the grave of time and cry out eternity!

If all the worldly is but nothing, shall I not ask a littler share?

Flow into God empty handed; that is to be poor in spirit.

<![CDATA[Soaking 9 Toes in Salt Water]]>Mon, 03 Jul 2017 15:52:22 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/soaking-9-toes-in-salt-waterOn this July 2 blog, you will mostly be reading from 9 Toes in Eternity
as illustrated and annotated by Jim Ridley.

But I will sprinkle in anything spectacularly newsworthy or beautiful
(if told me allegedly by supernatural beings.)

 So, today is my first day at my new dwelling.  It is in Corpus Christi and it is an apartment in a large complex right on the Bay…especially chosen because it is just 2 blocks from an adoration chapel of a group of Philippino Sisters. 12 Hours a day.  I am hoping this will usher in a more peaceful, contemplative, life for frentic Ronda.
​Of course, being me, I got everything on the walls and in the right place
by the end of the move day.

Now it looks like my little room at Holy Apostles, except larger.
Now here is what Jesus seemed to tell me:
"I am lonely. 
So many don’t want me close.
I want to live in you. 
Adoration of Me in the Eucharistic chapel will open you to Me even more. 
Be more silent.

I am camouflaged in the faces of those who give you their love, even though
they see your flaws…cherish them, cherish your Eternal lover."

If you feel old and ugly when you look in the mirror don’t think “every day in every way I look less like Marilyn Monroe or Clark Gable," think every day in every way I look more like Mother Teresa or John Paul II.

When grieving about the loss of loved ones who have left this earth, keep your eyes open just the same to see who God is sending to fill up the hole in your heart.

Lord, lay Your hand on me and unfurrow my soul’s brow.

If you think you are the hero/ine of the drama of life and others are just secondary characters or cameos to enhance your show, you will be angry and disappointed most of your days on earth.

Not all surprises are negative, so don’t be pessimistic.

If I am too “busy and troubled about many things,” I don’t let Jesus into my heart enough to comfort me.

When check-mated by life, we see more clearly that we need Jesus not only as a model but as a savior.
<![CDATA[9 Toes Countdown #3]]>Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:12:56 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/9-toes-countdown-3
I highly recommend George Weigel's Tranquillitas Ordinis: The Present Failure and Future Promise of American Catholic Thought on War and  Peace, which I am reading.   Oxford.
The first attempt to expedite Ronda’s canonization had been foiled. But her fanatical partisans exercised the virtue of persistence:  
I am always wishing I could be part of a Catholic literary/intellectual retirement colony, but nothing seems to gel.  However, I realized doing all these WCATradio shows that I am having a virtual community this way.  If you haven't checked out the shows, go to WCATradio and click on Radio Shows.  If you click the blue link you can find out more about each show and also listen to archived ones.
"When arguing with anti-Catholics who accuse the Church of taking money from the poor to build Churches, I like to say: you don't understand, in Catholic countries the poor go in and out of the Church during the day, seeing the Churches as their celestial living room."

"When people say that we should not evangelize because all religions have truth in them, I like to say 'How can you know Jesus and not wish everyone knew Him?'" 

“Enfold others whose sufferings fill you with pain into the wounds of Jesus.” 

 “Thank God for every tiny thing each day that is good, even toilet paper, and you will feel much happier than usual.” 

“Fill in all the spaces on the program of my life my Jesus, and waltz me to eternity.”

“Fussy multiplicity or splendid variety it all depends if it be I or You, God, who sets the stage.” 

Lest the eye get too sharp, and the upper lip too stiff, God sends the gift of tears.

<![CDATA[Clip 2 from 9 Toes]]>Mon, 12 Jun 2017 23:44:49 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/clip-2-from-9-toesAnyone who thinks I am a saint, just because I write well about saints is either stupid, crazy or a vile flatterer.
Country Music sung by male singers seems to me to be a way men can let out their feelings in a wholesome way even if it is a little sentimental.
Ronda:  Wonderful Open Door Radio show with Jim Hanink and Al Hughes…afterwards as a joke thinking “Here is my Catholic Retirement Colony, only virtual instead of living in a commune.”
But I think it really is the answer for now. So, every time I feel lonely, just call someone up!
Jesus: Also called “Home in My Heart.”
<![CDATA[Vaunting Ronda's Latest Venture]]>Mon, 29 May 2017 21:53:38 GMThttp://goodbooksmedia.com/rondaview/vaunting-rondas-latest-ventureWhen the Ronda the Renowned formally announced to her assembled disciples the forthcoming publication of a compendium of her pithiest remarks, entitled NINE TOES IN ETERNITY, their response, though quite predictable, was very heartening.
9 Toes in Eternity
One Hundred One-Liners
of Ronda Chervin
Illustrated by Jim Ridley

At age 80 I have become tired of my usual thoughts.  
Sculpture by Thomas Wightman
Instead I long for the luminous vistas of heaven.
Yet, just the same, there is an urge to assemble my best thoughts.
 For who?  For me?  For you?
 And to see those thoughts illustrated by the graphic artist,  Jim Ridley, who has been accompanying my insights with humor for many decades in books of mine published by goodbooksmedia and in my blogs.
 So, here you have it! 
9 Toes in Eternity 
(Here are the first 5 entries. Expect 5 more to be included in her weekly blogs.)
“Every day imagine your resurrected body: leaping, dancing…!”
“Have nothing but love in your heart: grateful love, suffering love, joyful love…not pockets of anger, despair or blahs!” 
 “Make a list of all the people you were ever close to and put next to each name the good qualities of them you benefited from, thanking those still alive and thanking God for these, and also for all those who have gone to eternity.” 
“We often say about something hard for us but good, such as breaking bad habits, I “can’t” do it; but if someone offered us $500 to do it, we probably could; so challenge yourself by asking ‘if someone offered me $500 to do something hard but good, wouldn’t I try to do it?”
“If Jesus wants to leap into your body every day as the Eucharist, shouldn’t you be there as often as you can to receive Him?”